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Top Tips for Training of Horses and Riders

Check out the latest tips for training of horses and riders - all about horse training, rider coaching, dressage, equitation science and reseach and much more.
Leg-yielding exercises for increased suppleness of your horses

Lateral exercises, such as leg-yielding, are a great way to improve your horse’s way of going. Let’s look at a couple of leg-yielding exercise that you can easily incorporate into your training – whether you are a dressage rider or not.

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10 tips for surviving your first dressage competition

Dressage is for everyone – riders of all level can got out and have a great time with their horses at dressage competitions. The first time for anything can be overwhelming but remember that fortune favours the prepared so here are my 10 tips to help with preparation for your first dressage competition.

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3 Exercises for Riding Better Circles

Riding on circles places extra demands on the horse’s balance. Riding accurately and in a consistent pace can help our horses negotiate circles with more ease. Here are my top 3 exercise for riding better circle that help you develop your riding skills as well as your horse’s balance and their quality of paces.

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Saddle fit: The science behind keeping your horse comfortable

An ill-fitting saddle can cause the horse discomfort and affect their gait, performance or behaviour. Discover how the saddle can influence the horse and why good saddle fit is important.

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4 Strategies to help you stay positive and enjoy riding (again)

Do you struggle to stay motivate? Do you often compare yourself to others? First of all, you are not alone! As an equestrian coach, my job is not just about increasing your technical riding skills but also about helping you build confidence and the right mindset. Here are four strategies that can help you find a positive mindset and enjoy riding (again).

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Rider Position – Facts and Fiction

The way we sit on a horse has great influence on the horse’s movement and balance. But what do we mean by a ‘good rider position’? How do can we ride in harmony with our horses? Let’s look at the evidence.

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3 Exercises Guaranteed to Improve Your Rising Trot

Do you feel a bit wobbly in rising trot? Do struggle with balance or lower leg stability? Good news – this can be fixed! Here are 3 ridden exercises that are guaranteed to improve your rising trot.

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3 Signs of Rising in Trot Correctly

Rising trot is something we learn fairly early on in our riding training yet correct technique is often overlooked. Remember that rising trot induces asymmetrical loading on the horse’s back and we can ‘smooth’ the forces acting on the horses body to make rising trot much more pleasant and less demanding for the horses. Here are 3 things you should be watching out for when riding in rising trot.

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Why should you ride in two-point seat?

Most riders will ride their horses in rising or sitting trot but riding in two-point seat is seen less frequently. However, riding in two-point seat has some advantages and should definitely be considered when planning your riding sessions – here is why!

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How to rise on the correct diagonal in trot without looking

Most riders are only taught to look for the correct diagonal by glancing on the outside shoulder of the horse. But is it possible to learn to pick up the correct trot diagonal without looking down? Spoiler alert – YES, it is 😉

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