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Top Tips for Training of Horses and Riders

Check out the latest tips for training of horses and riders - all about horse training, rider coaching, dressage, equitation science and reseach and much more.
3 Tips For Better Training With Your Horse

Whenever we ride a horse, we are training them – intentionally or not. The more you understand about correct training of horses (i.e. training that makes sense to horses), the less confusion and frustration there will be for your horse. Being a better trainer (rider) in turn means having a safe, relaxed horse and enjoy every minute in the saddle. Are you ready to make that positive change? Then read on.

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Equitation: Science and Fiction 

Some long standing horse training practices and believes can create confusion and conflict between the horse and the rider. By utilising evidence-based approach, we can evaluate and, if necessary, improve existing equestrian methods to promote welfare-friendly equitation. And that is where equitation science can help.

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Desensitisation: How can I teach my horse to be less fearful?

Horse are neophobic by nature – they tend to get suspicious of anything unusual. This was a useful strategy for survival in the wild but it is not so ‘useful’ for us humans 🙂 Is there anything we can do about it? Can we train the horse to be less fearful? Absolutely! Read on to learn how to use desensitisation for a calm and relaxed horse.

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Perfecting your sitting trot

A sitting trot is probably one of the things a lot of riders dread the most. From my experience sitting trot is not always taught very well and hence many riders struggle with it. Here is how to finally feel comfortable in a sitting trot!

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On the bit : What does it mean and how to get there?

We hear it all too often: ‘On the bit!’ shouted in the direction of riders by instructors. This ‘command’ usual results in the student desperately trying to get the horse’s head down by all means possible in order to present the ‘desired’ picture. BUT simply having a horse with his head down does not mean he is ‘on the bit’. Read on to learn more!

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Why should I rise on the ‘correct diagonal’ in trot?

Have you ever wondered why we are taught to rise on a certain diagonal in trot? Does it even matter? Let’s look at the evidence.

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Why should I dressage?

But I am not a dressage rider! Sounds familiar? Many people see dressage as something ‘fancy’, only reserved for advanced riders. But dressage is for everyone. The words ‘dressage’ means training. So, in reality, whenever you ride a horse, you are training it and therefore doing dressage.

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How To Get Your Next Dream Job (Part 1): Identify and Showcase Your Skills

Often grooms and instructors struggle with putting a CV together. Yet a career with horses equips you with lost of skills, and many of these skills are very much sought after in other industries (Hello transferrable skills!). Today I am going to focus on riding instructors and the skills (competencies) which you might consider adding to  your CV. This blog can help you boost your CV and increase your chances of succeeding in the job market.

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5 Steps To Success In Your Riding

Do you feel a bit stuck? Are you lacking motivation? Would you like to get some positive results and progress with your riding? First of all, you are not alone! We have all been there. As a coach, our job is to help you on your journey and get you ‘unstuck’. We genuinely love seeing our students making progress and building amazing partnerships with their horses. Are you ready to make that positive change? Then read on 🙂

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Top Tips For Training a Young Horse

Training a young horse can be a very rewarding process but also a big responsibility. Have you already started training a young horse? Or are you thinking about buying and training a young horse in the future? These tops tips can help you on your journey.

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