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Horse and Rider Training in Hertfordshire

Learn how to ride and train your horse in a sympathetic and logical way with the long term welfare of your horse in mind.

  • Eva has been patient and calm throughout his training and bought out the best in him even on his trickier days!

    Eva has been helping me bring on a very sensitive young 4 year old warmblood gelding for the last 18 months, he has transformed from a stressed and weak youngster into a strong and confident boy who enjoys his work and is starting to compete and travel out and about which I never thought he would do happily.
    — Kelly M.
  • She explains what the horse needs to move freely, giving context not just corrections so I can apply that learning again.

    Eva offers a clear, calm and positive approach to learning the nuances of dressage. Her ability to see both the horse's confirmation and rider's aids help her hone in on what I as a rider didn't realize I was either doing incorrectly or not doing at all. I benefited from her instruction greatly while on a horse and just watching her instruct other riders because her explanations are GOLD. Eva will challenge you with realistic expectations and celebrate your improvements.
    — Steph R.
  • Fantastic for helping you build confidence in your ability!

    Eva has brought me so far in just over a month I feel my riding has improved dramatically. She is great at pushing you to work on your weaknesses whilst giving you great advice to help. Cant thank her enough for all the help! Would definitely recommend.
    -Daniella G.

Work with a riding instructor who has a proven track record of bringing the best out of you and your horse!

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“The horse teaches us self-control, consistency and the ability to understand what goes on in the mind and the feeling of another creature. Qualities that are important throughout our lives.”
— Alois Podhajsky

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