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I am passionate about helping horse and rider partnerships flourish, it is at the core of everything I do as an equestrian coach. Here are just some of the horse and rider training success stories from riders and owners I have had the pleasure of supporting over the years.
"Eva has a brilliant coaching style that has continued to improve my riding and support my horse’s development in all aspects. 

She has given me tools that I have put in practice at shows and at home schooling that have built my confidence up and ultimately improved my relationship with my horse.  She is one of Harold’s most favourite people and is knowledgeable, patient, and an all-round excellent teacher. Thank you Eva!!!"

- Kaitlin J.

"I was looking for an instructor to help me and my horse take the next step and progress with things as she can become very excitable and need new things to keep her mind busy. 

I have now had 5 lesson with Eva and she is doing a great job with the both of us loving the task that she gives us each week to learn. Feeling a lot more confidant in myself and the horse."

- Dannie L.

“She explains what the horse needs to move freely, giving context not just corrections so I can apply that learning again.”
"Eva offers a clear, calm and positive approach to learning the nuances of dressage. Her ability to see both the horse's confirmation and rider's aids help her hone in on what I as a rider didn't realize I was either doing incorrectly or not doing at all. 

I benefited from her instruction greatly while on a horse and just watching her instruct other riders because her explanations are GOLD. Consider yourself lucky if you have a chance to be taught and coached by her. 

Eva will challenge you with realistic expectations and celebrate your improvements. Where ever you are starting from, beginner or more advanced, you are in excellent hands.

- Stephanie R.

"I had the pleasure of several lessons with Eva during a riding holiday and found them both interesting and informative. Eva is encouraging and supportive and I gained a lot of confidence from being taught by her.

- Claire L.

“Fantastic for helping you build confidence in your ability! I feel my riding has improved dramatically.”
"Eva has brought me so far in just over a month I feel my riding has improved dramatically. She is great at pushing you to work on your weaknesses whilst giving you great advice to help. I have an injury in my knee which I wasn’t sure 100% how to handle and what exactly it was doing to my riding. 

Eva helped me figure out what my weaknesses were and ways to improve in and out of lessons despite my injury. Cant thank her enough for all the help! Would definitely recommend."

- Daniella G.

“He has transformed from a stressed and weak youngster into a strong and confident boy who enjoys his work and is starting to compete.”
"Eva has been helping me bring on a very sensitive young 4 year old warmblood gelding for the last 18 months.

Eva has been patient and calm throughout his training and bought out the best in him even on his trickier days!"

- Kelly M.

"Thank you Eva for the fantastic riding lessons this week in Tuscany! Your lessons were calm , confidence giving and fun . I learned a lot about " asking the right questions " of the horse and responding to the " answers" they give you as well as loads about dressage . I hope that you will return to Tuscany to teach again!"

- Lisa C.

“I would highly recommend her to anyone either looking to improve their skills, confidence or just needing some guidance.”
"Eva is the most encouraging and positive instructor I’ve ever had! And she has more than enough knowledge to back it up, she took me and my pony from giraffe mode to laps of long and low and the beginning of working in a shape in only a few sessions. I’d highly recommend her to anyone either looking to improve their skills, confidence or just needing some guidance. Eva is the best out there :)"

- Zohra Q .

"Eva is a knowledgeable and approachable instructor. She works on lightness and subtlety of aids for horse and rider to make positive change. Enjoyable lessons bringing out confidence in horse and rider."

- Helen C.

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