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Horse and Rider Training in Hertfordshire

At Empowered Equitation, we offer more than just horse and rider training; we provide a holistic approach to horsemanship. Our mission is to empower riders and horse owners with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to build deep and fulfilling relationships with their equine partners.

You will be involved in the training process so that you understand not just 'what to do' but also understand 'the why'.

Dannie & Cherub

‘I was looking for an instructor to help me and my horse take the next step and progress with things as she can become very excitable and need new things to keep her mind busy. I have now had 5 lesson with Eva and she is doing a great job with the both of us loving the task that she gives us each week to learn. Feeling a lot more confident in myself and the horse.’

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Empowered Equitation Horse and Rider Training Ethos

1. Empowerment Through Confidence:

We specialize in developing confident riders. Our training programs focus not only on riding skills but also on building your self-assurance and trust in your abilities as a rider. We understand that the key to a successful partnership with your horse begins with your own confidence.

2. Comprehensive Horsemanship Education:
We go beyond the saddle by enhancing your knowledge of horse training but also general management. Our programs offer a 360 approach to horse welfare and cover a wide range of topics, including application of learning theory in training, understanding equine behaviour as well as general management of your horse. We believe that informed horse owners make happier, healthier horses which in turn means that you can enjoy working with your horse more.

3. Personalised Training:
Every rider and horse are unique. We tailor our training programs to your individual goals and needs. Whether you're a beginner seeking to start your equestrian journey or an experienced rider aiming to improve your skills, we create a customised plan just for you and regularly review it to make sure it always fits in with your aspirations.

4. High Regard for Horses:

Our methods are rooted in sympathetic and ethical horsemanship with the horse’s wellbeing as a priority. Our training is evidence-based drawing upon research in the field of equitation science and equine biomechanics as well as many years of hands on experience with a wide range of horses. We believe that a happy and content horse is the key to a successful partnership.

5. Lasting Partnerships:

Our goal is to help you build a lifelong partnership with your horse based on trust and clear communication. We're committed to your success, now and in the future - we will always be ’on your team’ offering support to you and your horse guiding you through your horsemanship journey.

Areas of training expertise

Dressage training

Eva can assist you with dressage training from newbies and up to British Dressage medium level (including lateral work, simple changes, etc.).

Eva specialises in 'practical dressage’ for non-dressage riders. She can explain dressage concepts and exercises in easy to understand terms and help you understand how these can be applied in other equestrian disciplines.

Show jumping training

Eva takes pride in helping grassroots riders become more confident and skillfull when show jumping at home and at competitions. She is happy to coach riders jumping up to 3ft3 (BSJA Discovery classes).

Eva is also happy to come to arena hires with you so that you can practice your skills away from home environment.

Groundwork and In-hand work

Groundwork and work in hand are incredibly valuable tools during horse training. It allows us to teach new signals but also to observe how a horse reponse before you get in the saddle.

Eva will explain to you how to introduce groundwork to your horse, how to give signals and rewards and how to read reponses from your horses. This will ultimately result in overall better communication and relationship with your horse.

Get in touch with Eva to enquire about horse and rider training in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.
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Prices do not include mileage charge. No extra charge if you are within 10 miles of Watford (WD25).

Dressage Lessons/ Show Jumping Lesson

£42 (45min private lesson)

Reduced price if teaching more than 2 riders at the same location (min. 3 private lessons or one group of 3)

Schooling of Horses

£42 (45min)

The session includes tacking up/untacking and a quick brush off/sponge off if needed.

Bringing in, grooming, etc. can be arranged for additional fee.


Get in touch to discuss pricing

Eva is available for clinics around the UK. Enquire about availability and cost.

Minimum of 6 riders required.
Contact me now to book

Special offers

Buy 4 get 10% off

Buy a package of 4 lessons and get 10% discount.

Ideal for someone who wants to commit to bi-weekly training.

All 4 lessons must be booked within 2 months.
Mileage charge might be applicable.

Buy 7 Get 1 Free

Buy a package of 7 lessons and get your 8th lesson for free.

Perfect for someone who wants to commit to regular training.

All 8 lessons must be booked within 3 months.
Mileage charge might be applicable.

Sponsored Rider Programme

Are you an ambitious amateur rider? Do you want to transform your riding?

You don’t have to be a competition rider! I am looking for enthusiastic riders from any discipline who simply want to be better riders and great partners for their horses.

NOW RECRUITING for riders to join the programme in March 2024.
Apply Now
If selected, you will get half price lessons for 2 months (up to 8 lessons).
Mileage charge might be applicable.
Videos and photos from your lessons might be shared on social media.
'Eva is the most encouraging and positive instructor I’ve ever had! She took me and my pony from giraffe mode to laps of long and low and the beginning of working in a shape in only a few sessions.'
(sponsored rider)
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