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Equine Gait Analysis

How can equine gait analysis be beneficial to you and your horse?

Equine gait analysis allows us to quantify your horse’s movement with validated and highly accurate sensors. This means that we can identify even small movement asymmetries undetectable by human eye. Monitoring your horse’s movement asymmetry at regular intervals means that you know what your horse’s baseline is and that you can spot easily if any abnormal patterns arise.

Like us, horses are asymmetric. However, understanding these movement asymmetries is essential in an attempt to improving equine health and performance as unusual movement asymmetries can be an early indicator of an injury. Even small changes in asymmetry can be detected which means that necessary intervention can be made early on - for example by conducting lameness exam before a a small injury gets any worse or by adapting the training regime of your horse to prevent overload.

You can dive deeper into the science behind equine gait analysis in my blog:
Practical Guide to Equine Gait Analysis
Equine gait analysis output
An example of equine gait analysis output showing movement asymmetries for head, withers and pelvis during a lungeing assessment.

Equine gait analysis assessment can help you accurately and objectively:

✓ Establish baseline movement asymmetry patterns of your horse.

✓ Monitor how your horse responds to a training regime.

✓ Document progress of rehabilitation after an injury.

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What happens during the  assessment?

Your horse will be evaluated with a 3-sensor system with sensors being placed on the horse’s poll, withers and pelvis.

1. Your horse will be trotted in hand in a straight line and lunged on both reins.

2. The data from the different conditions (straight and lunge) will be logged and analysed.

3. You will be able to view your horse’s movement asymmetry report straight away and your horse's results will be explained to you.

4. A movement asymmetry report for your horse will be emailed to you after the assessment.

Why choose Empowered Equitation for equine gait analysis?

The gait analysis assessment of your horse will be carried out by Eva Marunova (PhD, BHSAI & Stage 4 Dressage Coach, PGDip Equine Science), an experienced equestrian coach, a university lecturer and a researcher. 

Aside from her involvement in the equestrian industry as a coach, Eva also lectures on undergraduate programmes at Writtle University College and on postgraduate programmes at the University of Edinburgh.

One of Eva's specialisms is applied equine biomechanics. In 2023, she completed a PhD at The Royal Veterinary College with the focus on the quantification and evaluation of movement asymmetries in horses with the help of gait analysis. This is an exciting area of research which is quickly gaining momentum in the veterinary circles as well as in the wider equestrian community.

Eva uses EquiGait, a validated sensor-based system which has been used extensively in research over the past 20 years and now this cutting-edge technology is available to your too!

You can view Eva's research profile and published work in the link below:
Research profile
person in front of a horse instrumented with gait analysis sensors
Eva explaining the use of sensors for  assessment of horse's movement (Tilefield Equestrian, November 2022)

Are you keen to learn more about gait analysis applications in the equestrian world?

Listen to Sport Horse Podcast where Eva discusses how biomechanics research can inform coaching practice and training of horses and, ultimately, improve equine welfare:
Listen to River Tiger podcast where Eva helps to unpack the complexity of equine movement and how gait analysis research is bringing new insights to our understanding of what is healthy or normal gait variability, and what movement strategies may be an indication of pain adaptations:
You can also watch a re-play of Eva's webinar:  ‘Asymmetrical? Lame? Where do we draw the line?’
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One off assessment


+ mileage charge based on distance

Discount available if more than one horse is assessed at the same time (contact me for a quote) .

Monthly or bi-monthly visits

(minimum of 3 horses per visit) 
+ shared mileage charge

Suitable for larger establishments such as competition yards, livery yards or large riding centres.

Assessment + Lesson

£30 for gait analysis (non-ridden)

+ lesson fee of £40 and mileage charge (if applicable)

Ideal for riders who would like to combine a lesson and gait analysis assessment.
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