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How To Get Your Next Dream Job (Part 1): Identify and Showcase Your Skills

Often grooms and instructors struggle with putting a CV together and highlighting the skills they acquired throughout their professional careers. This can result in you not getting the interview for the job you really wanted. Yet a career with horses equips you with lost of skills, and many of these skills are very much sought after in other industries (Hello transferrable skills!). Today I am going to focus on riding instructors and the skills (competencies) which you might consider adding to  your CV. Whether you are hoping to land your next dream job as an instructor or whether you are thinking about switching to another industry, this blog can help you boost your CV and increase your chances of succeeding in the job market.

Communication skills

Horse riding instructors have an excellent command of the language. We need to be able to explain exercises in a clear manner and adapt our explanations based on the rider’s learning style and current knowledge. Remember that communications skills include listening skills too! Great instructors not only talk but they also listen 🙂

Problem solving

Riding instructors have superior problem-solving tools that they have used in different conditions with different riders. Experience is key – not from just a riding perspective, but from a teaching point of view as well. Make sure you can come up with a specific example when you had to problem solve during a lesson and explain how you resolved the problem. Maybe you were teaching a particular rider-horse combination who struggled with a certain exercise? What solution did you come up with?

Adaptability & ability to think on your feet

There is a degree of flexibility involved in great instruction. Despite having a plan for the day or a lesson, we often have to change because they work with humans and horses and weather events and even the best planned lesson might have to be adapted on the go based on what they see in front of you on the day. Again, try to highlight a particular example when you were in the situation that required you to deal with the unexpected and how you dealt with it. This could be a new horse-rider combination you taught, a group of mixed-ability riders when you planned a lesson for a group of the same level of riding… try to pick a situation which will showcase your skills.

Work ethic

Good work ethic means taking pride in your work because you want to, rather than the rewards that you may receive. Well, that should be an easy one to demonstrate as the financial rewards are not always great 🙂 Early starts and working outdoors in all kinds of weather definitely demonstrates a positive approach and 100% commitment. You can also point out specific examples when you took initiative – tell your prospective employers about the time when organised your team and helpers on a busy day in the absence of a manager, or when you sought opportunities for learning by signing up for continuous professional development courses. Showing a commitment to your employer and being responsible for your own work (and learning), even when things don’t go as you planned, all illustrate a good work ethic.

Now you have at least four amazing transferable skills that you can add to your CV. And if you are still struggling to write your CV, get in touch. I would be very happy to help you identify your ‘killer’ skills that will make you stand out. The initial session is FREE of charge so that we can have a quick chat about you and what you need help with. I will provided you with an initial action plan and, if you decide to work with me, I will help you identify your priorities and skills. I can also review your CV and help you prepare for the interview process. It does not matter where in the world you are – online sessions are easy to arrange. Book your FREE career session now.

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